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Road Trip 4: What Harmful Things Can Happen To Your Car On A Road Trip

May 31, 2013 - Road trips can be a fun way to travel and get your car out on the open road. Unfortunately, inconvenient car trouble can occur at any time, including during a road trip – and some things can be harmful. One of the best things you can do to prepare yourself is be aware of the harmful things that can happen to your car on a road trip so you’re better able to prevent them.

Brake Failure

Having your brakes fail while you’re driving on a road trip can cause a harmful accident due to the inability to stop your vehicle when you need to – if at all. Have your brakes thoroughly inspected prior to going on your road trip to avoid this problem.

Running Over an Object, or Hitting an Animal in the Road

Running over an object in the road or hitting an animal can be dangerous, as it could damage your car, tires, or worse – cause you to swerve off the road, or cause a dangerous accident. Be focused and alert if you’re the driver, and if you’re the passenger rider on the road trip, stay alert when you can to provide a 2nd pair of eyes on the road to help out a tired driver.

Your Car Gets Stolen, or Someone Breaks In and Steals Personal Items

Leaving the car running to keep the a/c going while you get out of the car to run inside the store may sound like a good idea at first, but it gives car thieves the perfect opportunity for an easy target. Never leave your vehicle running, or even unlocked when you leave the vehicle to avoid this scenario.

Your Car Overheats and Shuts Off

Having your car overheat is a harmful situation because some people feel the quickest solution is to add coolant to the car as quickly as possible, but doing that possibly expose themselves to very hot fluids that could cause serious burns if not allowed to cool before opening. Allow the car to completely cool before adding coolant to avoid serious burns.

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