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The Bosch Xperience Visits

Bosch Xperience Truck

Two Bosch employees are in the middle of a 25 week trek across the country. They are visiting some of Bosch’s most important distributors. However, this is not a normal business trip and they are not traveling in a normal vehicle.
These Bosch representatives are traveling in the Bosch Xperience Truck. This vehicle’s goal is to bring “Technology for the Future of Automotive” directly to those whom matter the most. In the back of the truck are six chairs, setup with state-of-the-art Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets. By using the device a person can take a journey through the air intake, fuel injection and exhaust systems.
I was lucky enough to participate. I was basically turned into fuel, sent through the engine and spit out. It was the most impressive presentation I have been a part of - definitely the most interactive! It’s one thing to look at diagrams and photos to understand how a new technology works, but it’s another to actually be inside of it. I could look in all directions to view what was coming next and what part of the system we just left behind.
Inside the Bosch Xperience Truck
The detail of the demonstration took a complicated topic and broke it down into a very easy to understand layout. Each time we approached a new part of the system it took us around the piece and then we went inside the part. All while a narrator communicated to us what the highlighted piece did and why it was important.
The main topic of the presentation was gasoline direct injection (GDI) diagnosis. The gasoline in a GDI system is highly pressurized and it’s injected directly into the chamber of each cylinder, while the older/conventional fuel systems inject the fuel into the intake tract. The GDI system improves efficiency, gives higher power outputs, and reduces emissions.
Like all new technology there is going to be issues and people need to be educated on how to fix these problems. Bosch has taken it upon themselves to instruct mechanics and customer technician representatives on how to diagnose these issues, and their tool to teach this subject is the Bosch Experience Truck.
For a step by step guide on how to diagnosis a GDI Fuel System visit our Fuel Systems Section in our How To section, CLICK HERE.
I and everyone at would like to thank Bosch for stopping by and letting us take part in this Xperience. It is great to be partnered with a company that invests the time and money to improve the skills of their distributors.
By Yugo Pantera

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