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Why Should I Lower My Tire Pressure?

So, you’re cruising down the white sand beaches of Mexico in your truck with a Diesel Turbocharger, and all your buddies are flying by. What’s going on? How come they seem to be floating on the sand while you’re struggling? They have exactly the same vehicle as you, right down to the exact same Diesel…
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10 Things to NOT Put Off

With more and more used cars on the road today it is especially important to keep up with regular car maintenance. At some point down the road parts like the AC compressor or a fuel injector may unfortunately go bad, but there are certain things that every driver should keep an eye on to avoid…
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The Function of a Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor

You may have never asked yourself what is a tire pressure monitor sensor. These sensors do exactly what you’d expect; they monitor the pressure within your tires. However, because these sensors are battery powered, over time they will fail and you will need to replace or know how to repair tire pressure monitor sensors. Don’t…
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What is a Transmission Gearbox?

A Gearbox is a machine-driven process of shifting energy from one device to another. A transmission gearbox is most frequently positioned at the junction point of a power shaft, and is used to generate a right angle change in direction. It provides a range of gearing to multiply the engine’s torque. A direct connection from…
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Why Do Vehicles Have Tow Ratings?

We have all seen the truck commercials with bold claims and flashing graphics but what are they all getting at. What is all this towing of huge boats up hills and pulling stumps out of the ground? Well this is not to show the diesel fuel pump or diesel injectors are working, no this is…
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