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The 2013 SRT Viper

The New York Auto Show is this week, and although there are thousands of cars on display, you might not notice because everyone’s talking about the same thing: the new SRT Viper. Sure, it doesn't have a supercharger or a turbocharger but it's still an absolutely breathtaking sight to behold. After a few years hiatus…
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What is Your Check Engine Light Trying to Tell You?

If you’ve ever had a check engine light come on in your vehicle, you know the fear and annoyance it can strike to your heart and wallet. You might be aware of this light if you have ever tried to get a smog test with it illuminated – it is grounds for automatic disqualification, and…
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The First Auto Show – 1900

With the New York International Auto Show in full swing this week, it’s interesting to take a look at the humble roots of this show. Back to a simpler time before air fuel ratio sensors and 02 sensors. The very first of its kind was held in 1900 at Madison Square Garden. The weeklong event…
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The Scoop on Spare Tires

Tires are pretty durable, but look on the side of any busy freeway and you’ll see a car or two jacked up with a flat tire, the wheel hub and bearing assembly exposed for all to see. This happens often enough that car manufacturers include a spare tire to get you to the nearest tire…
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Why is the Price of Oil So High?

When gas prices start to rise to astronomical levels, there’s a lot of chatter about gas rising to “$100 a barrel” and about supplies in the Middle East; but what, exactly, causes the fluctuations in gas prices and why do they get so high? We've got to have something for our fuel injectors and fuel…
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Tips for Improving Fuel Economy

With fuel prices nearing record levels, everyone is concerned with the price of gas. Sure, the fact you're emptying your bank account at the gas station could be because of the fuel pump in your fuel pump assembly, but it's not likely. There are a few things you can do about increasing fuel efficiency to…
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Awesome Charity Gives Rides & Hope to Cancer Patients

turbocharger or supercharger roar as they blow past us on the freeway doesn't make us like them a whole lot. It also takes a tremendous amount of wealth to buy a Ferrari, and the reality is most of us will never have access to the kind of funds required to spend hundreds of thousands of…
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How To Resurface Headlights

Last time we covered some important tips for driving at night. Having clear and working headlights is essential in any low-light situation; one cannot rely on a car navigation system with an in dash navigation screen alone. Most modern headlights are made out of polycarbonate, which is great because it is durable and will not…
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10 Tips for Driving After Dark

Driving at night can be a soothing and enjoyable experience; there are less people on the road, it’s much quieter, and you can’t see much beyond what’s directly in front of you. Pop in some of your favorite music on your car stereo, forget any destinations on your car navigation system, and just drive. Driving…
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Turbochargers in Family Cars

Turbochargers are used to make small engines put out a lot of power while still remaining fuel efficient. Beyond BMW turbochargers and Audi turbochargers, even family cars offer turbocharged models these days. Before you get a turbocharged vehicle there are a few things you should be aware of. A turbocharger or “turbo” is a purely…
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