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Buy Auto Parts is a proud to be a distributor of KYB Shocks and Struts

If you know anything about suspension, then you have undoubtedly heard of KYB. About 1 out of every 5 new vehicles produced in the world is built with KYB shocks or struts! That is an incredible share of the suspension market. KYB is also the leader in original equipment for the aftermarket, which is why Buy Auto Parts has decided to carry the KYB name. When you are restoring your car, you want to put a shock in your vehicle that makes it handle like it was new. If you are looking to regain the firmness in your suspension that you had when you first purchased your car then KYB shocks and struts are the way to go! All KYB products purchased in the United States are assembled in Indianapolis, Indiana.

KYB offers a wide variety of shock and strut assemblies for almost all makes and models. The twin tube shock comes standard in about 85% of passenger vehicles. It offers the comfort and control that is required for regular driving. An OEA KYB twin tube shock is made 5% stiffer than a standard shock. Why? That is because over time your suspension system wears down—it is not as tight as it was when it was new. If you were to put a standard shock into your car, you would not get the performance that you got when it was new. By making it 5% firmer the OEA KYB twin tube shock compensates for the aging of your suspension and allows it to handle the way it did when you first bought it.

KYB is the leader in monotube shocks! The monotube shock is 10% to 15% firmer than a standard shock. What does that mean? It means that the wheels will grip the road in rougher conditions. If you are looking to increase the performance of your suspension then upgrading to a KYB monotube is the best decision you could make.

Let’s say your Dad drives an F-150 and he uses it as a commuter truck. He drives on paved roads, to the store, to work, and for running errands around town. If he had a regular KYB monotube shock in his truck it would work perfectly for him. But now, your dad wants to get rid of his truck and get a smaller car so you inherit the truck. You are going to put a lift on it, and use it for hauling concrete for your construction job. That standard KYB monotube shock might not work so well any more. You would want to upgrade to the KYB MonoMax shock. It is up to 40% firmer, giving you ultimate feel and superior performance. To give you an idea of the power of the MonoMax, if you were to take a standard twin tube shock out of the box you could easily compress it with your hands. If it was a standard monotube you could still compress it with your hands but it would be a little tougher. If you pulled a MonoMax out of the box and tried to compress it with your hands, you would need about 200lbs of force to make it compress! That is one firm shock!

KYB makes shocks to fit all your suspension needs. Whether you are looking for upgrades for your street tuner or a replacement for your Duramax, KYB has the right shock or strut for you. Buy Auto Parts carried KYB because you deserve to get premium products and premium prices. Call us and place your order for a KYB shock today!

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