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Cadillac’s “Super Cruise” To Take On Autonomous Driving

We’ve all dreamt about the idea of hopping into our car, popping our destination into the car navigation system, and sitting back and listening to the car radio while our car drives itself. Google has been working on the autonomous car for years now, but who knows when the day we start seeing these cars for sale will come. Out of the 160,000 test miles Google has put on these cars there has never been an accident, so the reason for delay is more about legality. However, many car companies are making steps in this direction. For years cruise control has been almost a standard feature on any car, leaving only steering and breaking up to the driver. Many of us have cars that can parallel park themselves, alert us if were crossing into another lane, and have cameras that give us a complete view of our surroundings.

Cadillac is one of the manufacturers making bold steps into the future of the automobile industry. With what they dub “Super Cruise”, their vehicles will be able to control the steering, gas and brakes with no input from the driver using all of the technology that are in most new cars already. Although full-autonomous driving is the end goal, the feature would most likely be limited to highway-only use to start. Sensors and cameras will let the car know its surroundings and it will rely on the GPS to know its location. Sounds simpler than you’d expect, right? Check out a video of Super Cruise in action here.

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