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How Important is an AC Compressor?

March 19, 2013 - Is your AC compressor really that important? Well, that depends. Do you want to have cool air blowing in your vehicle? If your answer is yes, then yes, your AC compressor is that important. Think of it like this. This is the heart of your air conditioning (AC) system. Is your heart important to your body? You betcha….get the picture? You’re overall air conditioning system does not live long without its heart either.

Let me explain a little bit more.

Your AC system has multiple components that works together to make cool air blow through your vents. Unfortunately, just because we make payments, put gas in, and turn on the button, that does not necessarily make everything work. All parts are important, but some are critical. Guess which one this is? You got it…the heart thing, remember?

Refrigerant is another very important component of the AC system. It circulates throughout the coils and valves of your system to make cool air. It along with some other parts like the drier, an expansion valve, sensors, etc. help make the world a happier place when the temp is 100 degrees and climbing. Well, this refrigerant and all the other parts that go with it to make your system churn are absolutely NO GOOD without the AC compressor.

This magical little pump moves that refrigerant throughout the AC system. The compressor keeps the flow of refrigerant going and keeps your vehicle cool. By helping to circulate and compress the refrigerant throughout your AC system, the AC compressor helps keep everything running smoothly.

So what happens when the compressor quits working? No more cold air blowing.

If you’re okay doing without air conditioning then this part may not be so important to you. However, if you are fairly uncomfortable with being uncomfortable then you want to get your AC compressor checked pretty quickly if it seems to be acting up. There are some really great AC specialists available who can take care of this problem pretty quickly. Depending on the make and model of your vehicles as to how easy they can get the parts, but most can be obtained within a couple of days. You can look online or in the phone book to locate a trained certified specialist.

One thing is for sure. You don’t want to wait until the heat of the summer to get your AC compressor fixed or replaced.

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