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My iPad has a Giant Cadillac Case

Cadillac is about to launch its new XTS, and it is not the styling or the Navigation Unit that people are talking about. The feature getting all the buzz is a little well known gadget known as the iPad. Every XTS sold will come with a brand new Apple Tablet. Each iPad will be preprogrammed with apps designed to enhance the driver’s experience. The most important app is the one that educates the car owner on how to use Cadillac’s new Cadillac User Experience, CUE for short. CUE is a tablet-like infotainment unit system in the cars dash. When a customer buys an XTS they will get a tutorial on how to operate the CUE but some people take a little longer to learn, thus the iPad is there for help. It has 12 videos explaining how to use CUE to its fullest.

Besides helping the not so tech savvy learn how to use CUE, the iPad also comes preloaded with an app called MyCadillac and OnStar. MyCadillac offers parking and maintenance assistance. With the OnStar app the owner can check gas levels and unlock doors.

Cadillac is not only providing the iPad to help customers learn about how to operate their new vehicle, they are offering an iPad to become more luxurious. They plan not to just use the iPad from Apple but also borrow Apple's customer service. They want to have the car equivalent of the Apple Genius Bar. GM has sent 25 experts around the country in support of CUE, and every Cadillac dealership will have two technology.

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