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Offroading At Night

Wheel Hub and Wheel Bearing

April 4, 2013 - Offroading can be a wildly exhilarating activity. It can be even more exciting when you do it in the darkness of night. However, like many things performed in the dark, the probability for danger increases. By implementing a couple of basic safety measures, these risks can be largely avoided in order to keep the focus on fun, rather than danger.

Firstly, a good set of headlights is crucial. The key aspect here is having a minimum of two good sources of illumination. By having two different lights shining from different places, objects lingering in the shadows can be illuminated and seen more clearly. A good pair of lights will enhance depth perception and allow the driver to more effectively navigate his or her way through any obstacles that the terrain may have to offer. It would even be advisable to mount an additional LED lightbar to the roof or hood of the vehicle, further enhancing one's ability to see.

Beyond this basic use of lighting, the driver must drive more carefully, being sure to implement a few fundamental safety measures such as a good grip on the steering wheel, and a set of tires with adequate tread to tackle the rough terrain associated with offroad driving.  Although offroading can be vastly more entertaining than simply driving on a stretch of paved road, it can also be more challenging, and one must always remain lucid and alert while behind the wheel. In order to get the most of the experience, a vehicle with sufficient offroading capabilities is a must.CV joint gone bad.

Reasonably priced brands such as Jeeps and Subarus can serve as viable alternatives to their more expensive counterparts like Land Rovers and Hummers. Generally, a vehicle offering adequate ground clearance, a decent suspension system, and four wheels that provide driving traction should be enough for a skilled driver to successfully steer their way through most offroading courses. At the end of the day (or in this case night) offroading at night can be a safe and enjoyable activity as long as you are careful and have the right equipment.

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