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What is Automatic Climate Control?

Automatic climate control is a system where you set a specific temperature for your car’s interior, rather than just a knob or slider ranging from red/hot to blue/cold. Look for a screen that lists an exact temperature and an “auto” button that turns the system on. This is marketed as a “premium” feature or an…
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Sanport Auto Solutions – Tulsa & Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

This month’s BuyAutoParts Shop Spotlight is Sanport Auto Solutions, serving the Tulsa metro area. Sanport is a family-owned Napa AutoCare center that’s been run by Andrew and Mary Santos since the opening of their original Broken Arrow location 1992. They opened a second location inside Tulsa city limits in 2001, and after outgrowing their original…
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How Much Does a Headlight Assembly Cost? Driving with a headlight out is dangerous, and illegal. The exact laws differ depending on your state, but the general rule is the same. You have to have fully working headlights to be able to safely navigate the road at night. There might be an electrical problem or…
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How To Fix BMW E46 Steering

BMW is now, for better or worse, in the depths of its turbocharged, automatic-transmission, all-wheel-drive future. While these technological advancements certainly put down impressive performance numbers, they also add weight, complexity, and remove some of the fun from the driving experience that made cars like the 2002 and E30 so iconic. Today’s “Ultimate Driving Machine”…
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2006-2011 Honda Civic AC Compressor Problems

As the weather heats up this summer, you'll need to make sure that the air conditioning system in your Honda Civic is in proper working order for maximum comfort while commuting or on a road trip. But if you're having issues with the AC unit, they can be one of the most expensive repairs to…
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Problems with the Z55 Autoride Suspension in 2000-2014 GM Trucks

On many of GM’s larger trucks there was an optional Z55 suspension package available. Autoride is GM's trademark name for their automatic load-leveling suspension and computer controlled shock system. The Autoride system provides for a great ride, but when the system fails it can leave a big hole in your pocketbook. offers brand-new passive…
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2002-2006 Honda CRV AC Black Death Repair

If you drive a 2002 – 2006 Honda CR-V, you’ve more than likely had your share of problems with the AC system. It may seem like there is always a problem with it or that it’s never completely trouble free, right? After countless days in the repair shop and enormous amounts of money spent, you…
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