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Replacement AC Clutch vs AC Compressor

BuyAutoParts has a quality replacement AC compressor and clutch assembly for nearly every vehicle on the road. We frequently get questions asking about ordering just the compressor or A/C clutch on their own, because only one of them was diagnosed as needing replacement. The entire auto repair industry is moving away from that practice for a variety of reasons.

The primary reason to replace an entire A/C compressor and clutch assembly is for better long-term reliability. The AC clutch pulley might be what needs replacement, but it’s likely to have done some damage to the compressor on its way out. If the clutch overheated, it may have warped the aluminum case, causing stress fractures or affecting how a new clutch would fit. If the bearing inside the pulley is worn out, any side-to-side motion would transfer to the compressor shaft, further wearing out the inside of it. Offering the compressor and clutch as a complete assembly helps us guarantee the quality of our compressors and offer our unmatched warranty.

The second reason to replace an entire compressor assembly instead of just the clutch pulley is ease of service. This keeps mechanic labor expenses down and makes work easier for DIYers. On some applications, the entire assembly needs to come out to access the bolts that attach the pulley. If you need to replace the compressor body, the clutch is coming out anyway, so why reinstall an old, used part and risk having to do the work over again? Damage to the clutch could also make it difficult or impossible to even separate the old one, which would be inconvenient to discover halfway through the job without a replacement compressor handy.

Replacing your A/C compressor, clutch and drier all at once ensures better reliability, protects your warranty and means lower long-term repair costs. If you’re still not sure what exactly your vehicle needs, contact BuyAutoParts for help in getting the correct replacement compressor, drier or full A/C repair kit for your vehicle. In addition to our quality aftermarket replacement parts, we also have OEM brands like Denso, Sanden, Delphi and more. All our parts professionals are here and ready to help!

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