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Summer is coming: Time to make sure your A/C system is working right

Imagine this scenario happening to you: It is a hot summer day, and you are planning on getting away for the weekend. Your drive is about 3 hours away and you can’t wait to reach your destination because it involves a lake or a beach and a whole lot of fun. Right as you go to turn on your car, you notice your A/C system is not cooling. Now you have to decide whether you want to drive 6 hours round trip in the smoldering sun or cancel your weekend plans to take your car in to an A/C technician. All of a sudden the weekend getaway you were looking forward to is not so exhilarant.

This sounds like a horrible scenario but every summer we hear the stories of similar scenarios happening to our customers. We are happy we can provide them with an affordable and quality solution to their automotive A/C problem, but we want to help everyone avoid dreadful summer A/C experiences in their car. As I preach in many of my posts, maintenance is the key to avoiding the worst of situations. Stopping the problem before it becomes a problem is how you want to approach the hot summer months this year, so keep these tips in mind: 

Avoid A/C use when possible

Since the components of an A/C system are machinery, the more they are used the more they tend to wear. If you know you are in for a hot summer where you live, and right now you are experiencing nice 65-70 degree spring days, try rolling down your windows and enjoy the breeze. Your A/C system will last longer and you won’t need to replace it in the summer months when it works the hardest.

Have an A/C technician perform a service check

The minimal cost of a service check every spring will help avoid unforeseen problems in the summer months. A Technician will check your compressor, condenser, filter, evaporator, hoses, valves and coolant levels. They can help you spot problems before they occur, such as running too low on coolant or the beginnings of a broken hose. They will also be able to tell you when you need a repair done, so the surprise of the summer doesn’t have to be your broken compressor. Remember, A/C parts are easily found online with us at a fraction of the cost many shops and dealerships offer. If you need a new A/C part visit our site and save yourself money!


Keep an eye out for warning signs of a failing A/C system

These warning signs will save you from paying for the minimal cost of a service check, but are almost surely signs a repair in your A/C system is needed:

•You hear a loud noise when you turn the A/C on. 

•The blower motor is not blowing air, or is making noises. 

•The A/C is not cooling like it should.

•You notice water on your interior floor mats. 

•You notice strange odors coming from your vehicle when it is running.

•The defroster does not work as it should. 

•You notice moisture inside your vehicle on the front or side windows or you notice excess moisture under the front of your vehicle when it is parked (some moisture is common as the A/C system regularly dispenses water, but not an excessively noticeable amount)  

These tell-tale signs will lead to a trip to the A/C technician but they will save you from driving around in uncomfortably hot sun before your road trip to the lake.

The A/C is a crucial part of driving in the summer for millions of Americans across the country. Prepare now so your mind can be at ease when summer rolls around!

By Juan Cuellar

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Image Sources: http://ow.ly/vVXry

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