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Denso Training at Headquarters

Denso, known internationally for quality automotive air conditioning parts, has been at headquarters for the past four days providing our employees with a valuable four hour automotive air conditioning course. Brett Glover, the Denso representative leading the four hour class stated: “This class will provide you with all the information you need to know about anything related to automotive A/C systems”. sells a variety of quality automotive A/C parts; therefore we understand how important these trainings are for not only our employees but for our customers who need knowledgeable and professional representatives to speak to when a question/problem arises. It goes hand in hand with our slogan “easy to buy auto parts” because the more we know about our parts, the better equipped we will be to help you when you need it; making the whole process easier for you. 

The course consists of several topics listed below:

General information and technical terms

Principles of air conditioning

Air conditioning system components

Refrigerants and oils

Environmental concerns

R12 vs R134a

Troubleshooting / diagnostics overview

Brett also provided us with some fun facts about automotive a/c systems, I will share some below: 

On average, cars lose about 3 miles per gallon of fuel efficiency when you are running with the A/C on. 

In 1994, R12 refrigerant was banned in the USA because it is too hazardous to the environment. Any vehicles older than 1994 models still use R12 but this type of refrigerant is very hard to locate. 

Moisture from the evaporator  in the A/C system is often confused with more serious leaks, however the evaporator discharge is just water and is very common, therefore it is nothing to worry about.

Mr. Glover ran the course in an interactive and fun manner and everyone here at would like to thank him and Denso for the informative and valuable training provided. They also gave us some pretty cool Denso branded supplies!

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